Not all masks are equal. The effectiveness of a mask is influenced by:

  1. Having a correct fit
  2. Care with putting it on and storage
  3. Further protection with a filter system

Fit correctly by:

  • Completely cover the mouth AND nose.
  • Fitting snugly against the sides of the face and not having any gaps.

Care and storage

  • Handle only by the ear loops, cords, or head straps (not by the surface of the mask).
  • Wash hands before and putting on the mask.
  • Store in a sealed bag.

Level of protection

  1. N95 this offers the best level of protection. These are an essential item for those working at the front line. Because of the tight seal these are hard to wear for prolonged lengths of time due to the tight seal.
  2. Mask with HELIXTM Captures >80% of particles to 0.3microns at low flow rates.
    A good option for consumers wanting a high level of protection but not able to obtain a product such as an N95. These could be solutions for work environments where close contact with people is required such as physiotherapists, rest home workers and taxi/bus drivers.
  3. Surgical mask and mask without a filter. Offers protection but not to a high level.

Mask with HELIXTM filters.


  • Lanaco has been developing air filter media based on wool from its purpose-bred AstinoTM  sheep in Central Otago; its filters are used for workplace health and safety purposes and for people to wear in countries with poor air quality.
  • Filters are available in packets of seven which is intended for a weeks’ supply in an environment where there is close contact with other people throughout the day, particularly those who may be vulnerable or sick.
  • Lanaco has mechanised more of their production resulting in a reduced cost which we have been able to pass on to our customers.
  • Lanaco recommends carefully replacing the filter as frequently as practical and as often as one can afford to. If you have been in an indoors environment and there is any risk of community transmission filters should be replaced.
  • Filters are composed of wool and polypropylene.

The masks into which the filters are inserted:

  • Are washable and reusable
  • Have a nose wire is durable and pliable.. It is easily adjusted for a tight seal, helpful for those with glasses.
  • Are made from polypropylene which provides minimal resistance to breathing, dries quickly and is durable.”

Masks can be purchased here

To those who want to minimise cost and who can sew, we offer DIY kits containing cut mask pieces, nose wire and elastic with sewing instructions.