Face Mask Dispatch Schedule

Thank-you for your face mask order.

The announcement by the Ministry of Health on 6th August changing its guidance around face mask use in the community created an unprecedented number of orders on our website.

We moved quickly to increase production and by the weekend of 8th August, were confident we had this under control. The news of community transmission of Covid-19 in the Auckland region and the change in levels throughout New Zealand changed this. To our performance outdoor clothing company “avalanche” took on a new meaning.

We have increased production with new machinists added to the team. New staff have also been employed to prepare componentry, compile DIY kits, assemble information sheets, enter orders, answer emails and phone calls. We have been working 7 days a week since the 7th of August and production has been increased by 50 times since then.

Delivery Dates
Orders are currently being supplied within 2-3 days of ordering

Priority Orders
We are holding a small number of masks to accommodate those in a high-risk category or are travelling overseas.

If you have an urgent requirement please contact us directly by phone 03 3390126 or email info@earthseasky.co.nz

DIY Mask Kits
We are almost up to date with these. Orders are being despatched as soon as components are available.

We are grateful to Lanaco who have increased production and have been working hard to supply us.

Mask and filters
A mask with filter inserted will give you a high level of protection, close to N95 specification when resting. This is far superior to a cloth or disposable surgical mask. The filter should not be washed as this will decrease its level of protection. The mask is designed to be reusable. It is washable, fast-drying, durable and easy to breathe through.

Contaminated filters should be disposed of. The question is ‘how do you know?’
We suggest that in high-risk situations, where people are forced to congregate in confined spaces or you are in constant contact with new people, you dispose of the filter at the end of each day, wash your mask and insert the new filter. Where there is no community transmission, short intermittent periods of use and the environment is low risk, filters could be used for longer periods of time.

For multi-day filter use always follow correct mask-wearing procedures by cleaning hands before fitting your mask and not touching the mask once it is on. If you do, always wash your hands afterwards. On removing the mask and when not washing it, store it in a sealed container and wash your hands. Best practise is, always treat unwashed masks as if they are contaminated.

We have not been able to respond to all the emails and phone calls we have received or answer queries on social media with the speed we usually do.

We intend to catch up on this. Please accept our apologies for the delay you may have experienced.   We have hundreds of messages requiring a reply.

New Zealand Made
Our masks are the very best of kiwi ingenuity. The filter manufacturers, Lanaco, use a grown-to-purpose wool from Central Otago and we have drawn on our technical fabric knowledge to select a durable, fast drying, porous fabric that matches the porosity of their filter. Our masks offer good protection levels and unhindered breathability and our product is the combination of four New Zealand manufacturers involving filter fibre blending and the construction of filters, elastic and masks.

We will continue to provide updates via our blog, facebook page and e-newsletters.

Take care,
Earth Sea Sky Team