Mask Delivery Update

As you know, last week New Zealanders were asked to ensure they had face masks on hand as part of your standard emergency kit. This has resulted in an unprecedented influx of orders.

We have converted our workroom to mask making and have engaged extra machinists to assist.

Under normal circumstances, orders would be supplied immediately. We want to let you know that if you have not received your order, or heard from us, that it will be in our system and will be supplied as soon as we are able.

At present we expect to have all orders cleared within 4 weeks.

If your order is needed urgently in circumstances such as someone travelling overseas or someone immunocompromised, please contact us as we have a small number of sets kept aside for emergencies. The best contact in this situation is to phone us, 03 3390126.

Mask information

The masks we supply are washable and re-usable. The fabric they are constructed from has been chosen to be as breathable and durable as possible. They are only available in black.

The Lanaco HELIX.iso™️ filters are made from natural NZ wool fibre and insert into the mask to give a high degree of protection.

Filters should be replaced as often as possible. All contaminated filter elements must be disposed of safely when replaced and should not be re-used. The question is knowing when it is contaminated.

We suggest that in situations such as travelling long-distance overseas that the filter is replaced after a day’s travel. Or, if you were working in a high-risk environment such as a rest home through a COVID outbreak, that the filter is disposed of and masks washed daily.

In a low-risk environment, filters should be fine for longer use. However, always treat the mask and filter as though there has been in contact with COVID by taking precautions which include having a safe place to store your mask, hand washing before and after fitting the mask and by not touching the mask during wearing.

There is further information on our blog.

Children’s masks

We have had enquiries for children’s masks. At present masks are in one size only, for an adult. This may change in the future when we have cleared the current orders.

In the meantime, we do have the DIY sets where, if you are able to sew, the mask pieces and filters could be cut down.

Clothing orders

We carry good stocks of our clothing items which will continue to be despatched daily through this time.


Thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented busy time.
The Earth Sea Sky Team