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Face Mask Dispatch Schedule

Thank-you for your face mask order. The announcement by the Ministry of Health on 6th August changing its guidance around face mask use in the community created an unprecedented number of orders on our website. We moved quickly to increase production and by the weekend of 8th August, were confident we had this under control. […]

Waterproof/Breathable Fabric Peformance

To ensure your garment breathes to its full potential it is important to maintain the water repellency of the outside surface. It is also important when you are physically active to wear as many non moisture absorbing layers as possible underneath the jacket. If you wear natural fibres (merino or cotton) keep them as light […]

Dirty Laundry – Microplastic Pollution

Here at Earth Sea Sky we have always strived to maintain an ethical approach to our business and production, with an emphasis of long-lasting quality products and customer satisfaction. Just recently, Jane met Murrey Gibbson in Wellington who was still wearing an ESS fleece that was still holding shape and its insulation properties after 25 […]

Ryan’s Arrowsmith Whip

The Arrowsmith’s are the closest glaciated mountains to Christchurch and are great for a weekend smash for those who are keen.     During our approach on Saturday I hoped the fine forecast would cause Arrowsmith’s Central Couloir to shed excess snow but instead the sky alternated between broken and overcast. Therefore on the Sunday […]

Warm enough in the Falklands?

Here at Earth Sea Sky we do a lot of in-house product testing. We also encourage people to give us honest feedback on their experiences with our products, which is exactly what Peter Carey did after using our Hydrophobia, Powerwool Zip-Polo Powerwool Short-Sleeve after his field work during Falklands winter! “This latest field trip saw […]

Bird in the bibs

In late October Don Paterson, who is the Training Manager at Hillary Outdoors, noticed the early signs of a birds nest being created in his Salopettes. Being a fan of nature, he let nature take its course and here is what he had to report… “I first noticed the nest after working away for 3 […]

Ski The Pamir

After trenching up the infinite couloir I stepped over the crevasse onto the 50-degree head wall. I cursed when I realised there was an inch of powder on glacial ice. – I had left my crampons behind. Smashing a divot into the ice, I pulled myself up, mantled off my axe, placed my toes in […]